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Belegaer_01After saying goodbye to the Bay of Balfalas I next moved on to Belegaer. There I enjoyed some solitude and a cozy retreat on the ship. There’s something about being on the sea that makes food taste better and sleep more delicious as well. That’s if you aren’t troubled by sea-sickness but I get my sea legs rather quickly.

Belegaer_02Below deck I was pleasantly surprised to see furnishings just like some I have in storage.

Belegaer_03The adjoining quarters below deck are quite comfortable. There are maps, reading material and a place to write but my attention was on the feline who is doing a splendid job of keeping the mice away. I wondered how the dogs were getting along at home without me.

Belegaer_04Belegaer will be gone after the Calas Galadhon park system goes on hiatus in August. When it reopens, it will be less four of the thirteen areas. The owners have shared these beautiful places with us and that has been abused by a few. There are donation boxes around the sims for those who can help support and show appreciation.

When I left the ship I moved on to the Sea of Nurnen.