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studio_001Sometimes all I want to do is hang out at home. The Toronto Arts and Crafts set by Bazar that I got from the Home Show is unpacked and placed. I used everything in it except for the curtains.

studio_003I really like the yoga mat that’s included in the set; it has about nine poses. None of the yoga outfits in the Marketplace looked good to me. The fabrics looked uncomfortable and were more like running suits. Also I don’t care at all for the bottom-half-of-the-boobs hanging out look.

What I’m wearing is the low-lag, free outfit from the Hair Fair. They’re available for both men and women and are near the landing area of each of the four sims. I just returned from the Gulf of Lune; the Calas script counter indicated I had only 3 scripts. I might be wearing this for weeks now.

I haven’t looked at everything at Hair Fair; like most people who tried to get in, I found the region was full most of the time. When I did get into one sim and later tried to cross to another, I wasn’t allowed because it was full. So there were several residents standing near the border, waiting to cross,and taking up the space on the sim we were on. I’m not the SL police so I stayed away from typing and left.

I got my poor neglected male alt some decent hair because it was convenient. He’s a homeless guy with no friends except for Pearl and usually all the shopping is for her. Fortunately no one tried to talk to him.

studio_004I unpacked and placed some Art Deco items that I got at the last Genre event. The painting is from Grey November Gallery.

studio_006The sconce in the right of the picture is another item from the Genre event. Maybe I could have resized it but there are limits to my fussing with things.

My skybox rental has a media viewer and I’ve been listening to an opera station for the last week or so. That’s something new; I’ve no idea where the sudden interest came from or how long it will last but it feels really right for now.

So now I’m settled in again and will be appropriately summer-lazy at home.