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Bed Bug Hotel_001

Last Friday night I didn’t feel like socializing and wanted to get out of town so I checked into the Bed Bug Hotel. When I approached the front desk I heard instructions for what to do next. Often I find things confusing in SL which is why I rarely do hunts but this experience was presented in a way that I could easily navigate. There are clickable signs to get notecards which are direct and simple in their wording.  

Bed Bug Hotel_003There are 13 notecards, numbered in order with information about how to check for bed bugs in hotels. In RL I used to travel a lot and would kind of collapse when I finally reached my hotel. In SL I was sure there’s no way I could ever do that much work as was suggested in the information. In RL when I traveled I stayed in boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts or in a particular chain if I didn’t want many surprises. I never had a problem with bed bugs in my home although I’ve seen them in other places.

In Bed Bug Hotel there is a 3 part video to watch after the cards are read. It’s informative and there are really gross pictures, especially ones of bites all over people’s bodies. It’s true that there are more significant challenges in the world but absolutely no one should have to deal with having bed bugs in real life.

I think I’ll remember the info I learned in a way that I wouldn’t have if I’d just read some dry article on the interwebs; actually I likely wouldn’t even have sought out any such article.

I returned to the front desk and got my prize for doing a puzzle. Then I wandered around the area. At first it looked like just filler objects to make it seem like a town but the place was larger than I expected. There were other educational projects with more on the way.

Bed Bug Hotel_004I’d never heard of AgrAbility Farm; while not a sophisticated and beautiful build like most promoted as virtual destinations, it’s well done for those who use their imaginations, pay attention and have some interest. There are links to sites that share stories of real life farmers who are physically challenged.

I’m wanting as little spying on all of our privacy as anyone else but I did find the recent Twitter Hate Speech map of the United States interesting. It included an anti-disability word as well as racist and homophobic words.

Occasionally I’m the recipient of hateful remarks. It’s my belief that what we condemn we’re destined to become, if not in this lifetime then a future one. It gets old listening to people complain about mistreatment when they don’t extend the courtesy of acknowledging that I matter too. It’s simply a display of ignorance.

When people don’t understand me or even make an effort to, it’s difficult to trust them. In their lack of understanding, it’s easy for them to unconsciously undermine others without realizing it. It must really suck to be a mean person.

Anyway, thanks to those responsible for creating AgrAbility Farm. And appreciation to those who can perceive beauty in the souls of others through psychic scar tissue and through current circumstances.