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Toronto Arts & Crafts_001With lag and numerous crashes I repeatedly returned to the Home Show determined to get at least a quick look at everything. There are lots of different desks sets available, even more so than vanities of which I noticed several nice ones.

There’s also new Elven furniture including some consoles by Senzafine. I was determined not to purchase anything; I want to use my Lindens for a couple of other projects and I have plenty of furniture in inventory. I did go back to get this Toronto Arts and Crafts set by Bazar.

My RL art studio is half my kitchen table and a bench by the living room windows, so I’d looked wistfully at the studio stuff in this set. Then I tried out the different poses on the yoga mat and wanted it even more. What finally sold me on it was the large info board about permissions and land impact. It was all right there, the information I usually have to get by clicking on object profiles or reading tiny print. While permissions rarely matter to me, land impact really does.

The Arts and Crafts set is upstairs in the Bazar Home Show space and there are two rooms of stuff downstairs, both with the same easily read info. That decor is nice too but I really like mine funkier and cozier. Or like the what POST has.

I was so impressed that I went to visit the main store. I didn’t recall knowing about Bazar before. When I arrived I soon learned I’d bought several things from them on the marketplace including the bistro set which is almost free, is copyable and has worked nicely for me in several locations.

I would love to be able to do yoga as gracefully and skillfully as the poses in the mat. Now I need to make sure I don’t slide into my bad habit of acquiring things and taking forever to unpack them. I’ll need to take up some of what I have out and that won’t be easy but at least it will be something I can take pictures of and blog about.

There are other things slowly brewing behind the scenes that will be taking some time but are kind of secret because they are a stretch for me.