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Noweeta Grassland_002

Yesterday evening I returned to Noweeta Grassland, a place where I like to listen to the ambient sounds and take pictures. I looked at the Cafe more closely this time and then checked on the animals. There’s a spacecraft crash site, balloon ride and the circus is there now. Horses can be rezzed.

More information can be found in the destination guide’s Nature and Parks category.

This watchful creature next to me is still there. I visited this nature area before when SL10B was happening; it was refreshing.grassland_02grasslands_01I played with editing the above two photos, but the views are gorgeous and simple snapshots look great.

Noweeta Grassland_003There’s a cute campsite too.

I’m enjoying reading A Spear of Summer Grass by one of my favorite writers, Deanna Raybourn. It takes place in 1923, when the main character, Delilah Drummond, leaves Paris society for Kenya.

I’ve also recently watched season two of Boardwalk Empire. I haven’t seen season one. Anyway, I love the fashion, the decor, the pace of life and the acting but the violent killing of characters ruined it for me so I guess I’ll leave the rest alone.

I’ve watched the first two seasons of Game of Thrones and read spoilers about season three of Game of Thrones and no way am I going to watch that either. A pity.

Many of the activities I do in SL seem corny, I know, but peace of mind is something I value. It’s none of my business what other people get up to inworld–a lot of it I don’t understand. But it is my business to gain clarity about what I will or will not participate in.