Indonesia_01My short technology break is over and I did several things in Second Life this afternoon, including having Pearl visit the new Indonesia build. What I like the best is the sense of place; it’s the long grass waving in the breeze and the ambient sounds that impressed me. Very well done.

The visuals are all right too; it isn’t a huge place but there are lots of things to look at.  They fell into the water, the dog and Pearl, and found a lovely statue there. There’s a camping tent and several other little places to linger. What drew me in when I looked at the destination guide was “ninth century temples”. And they are gorgeous.

There’s an area near the landing with educational material, a free t-shirt and some tasteful placement of  appropriate cultural clothes that can be purchased for both men and women. Thanks to those who are sharing this lovely real world place with the residents of Second Life. It can easily be found in editor’s picks in the destination guide–named Yogyakarta Borobudur.

The top photo took a while to shoot because the beautiful macaw flying around–it’s red and blue in the right side of the photo–was difficult to catch. With the rustling grass and other sounds I didn’t mind. Both photos are raw shots.

Indonesia_02I was hesitant to log in this afternoon but I confess I had a sort of withdrawal from Second Life over the weekend. It was a low level anxiety that something terrible might happen, not that I could do anything about that. There’s something so ephemeral about it all and I braced myself when I entered the virtual world again.

My viewer still worked; Pearl’s London apartment is still there. The dogs are doing fine. At Yogyakarta, Pearl had her first request to be someone’s mom and I don’t think you’ll be surprised that she declined.  Then other things happened elsewhere in  surprisingly productive and pleasant ways but those are for other posts, possibly.

I intend to catch up on my wordpress blog reading soon because I don’t want to miss what you’ve been up to.