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lassitude and ennui_04

Recently I enjoyed exploring a place called Lassitude and Ennui. It began when I couldn’t find proper shoes in my inventory for my shorter Art Deco party dresses–I’d been wearing Victorian boots with the longer styles–and I turned to the shoe shopping category in the destination guide.

There are several shops nearby, some kind of oddly mixed with the theme, but also lovely sea views, a grove of trees with ruins and some architectural details which I admire.

The photo above is the sort of image I love. There’s a canoe in the pond in back of this building where your avatar can have a Lady of Shalott-type pose. I’m still wearing the Victorian boots–I quickly became distracted from shopping.

lassitude and ennui_06

Nothing was post-processed in this picture except for an added frame. I’ve been seeing a lot of these trees around SL and really like the look. lassitude and ennui_05

This is the Lassitude and Ennui building. It isn’t raining there; I added this water texture in picmonkey as an experiment.lassitude and ennui_01