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While looking through the destination guide I was a little surprised to see that some frightful places that I looked at last Halloween are available year round. This place is Dark Dharma Haunted Manor. It was nice to be the only resident exploring when I went and I always like to see what folks have done with the Hackberry Hall house.

In this particular picture I was experimenting with the new “Clouds” textures in picmonkey. “Water” is a new texture set with the basic free set-up and “Clouds” is with subscription only. Most of the photos I’ve experimented on don’t look quite right to me but I really love how the above picture turned out.     haunted_01Pearl took a nap while I was working in another window. She didn’t do any of the hunt or game things, just looked around. Later while she was wandering around in the backyard I wasn’t watching out for her and she was “killed” and teleported home.

This visit happened before she got her three dogs.