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placebo gallery_001

Late one recent evening I went to the Placebo Gallery to look at new art pieces and any decor changes. I’d wanted to go out somewhere after getting several new dresses.

When I saw blog pictures of Art Deco era clothing at Genre I knew I had to go check it out. This round at Genre goes until July 12th, I believe. I also picked up some Art Deco furnishings and earrings while there.  placebo gallery_003

There are different types of art at Placebo Gallery, including some dark themes,  and lovely places to just sit for a while. placebo gallery_004

In the above photo Pearl is admiring a new digital painting.

I moved my Victorian furnishings out of my little apartment in Pandamonium 1850  London since the build will be taken down on July 1st. Fortunately I have a London apartment skybox where I feel at home but it was a little sad to leave.

I consoled myself with shopping. Besides the several party dresses, jewelry and furnishings from Genre, I bought a gloomy animated painting from Mr Munro at Grey November Gallery since I wanted to take some black and white photos of me in my new dress. (A little vain, perhaps?).

I also got three dogs from [Manticore] after first seeing a puppy from there in one of the fashion blogs recently. That is kind of fun. They’re worn as attachments but unless I’m wandering in the country I might just take one out at a time. I’ve just posted a picture of me with the three dogs to my flickr page which can be accessed in the sidebar.

In first life when I have little disappointments, I can’t really go on shopping binges.

But back to Placebo Gallery–I recommend it as a place to visit and pick up some awesome art. I have two pieces myself that are displayed in my Second Life home and am pleased about that.