When I look at the destination guide on my Second Life dashboard I’m intending to find interesting events or beautiful locations. It just recently registered with me that a lot of shopping places are listed there as well. When I’ve needed something I’ve relied on word-of-mouth, blogs, researching the marketplace or teleporting from the viewer search results.

When I saw the pages of places, I picked one at random from ‘furnishings and decor’ in the Home and Garden Category. It’s titled Cat’s Dirt Project in the guide; when I teleported it was to a place called ‘City 17 Postapocalyptic Shopping Mall Neko Trash”. Yes, there are vendors and signs but not in an overwhelming way; it’s so much more fun than a mall  (which can be convenient and social for some, I know) and there were lots of gorgeous places to take pictures. You can even pick up a free, grungy biofuel truck if you so wish.

I do love the natural world and I enjoy being IN it but scenes of old, abandoned places have such a palpable sense of story for me.

grunge_006If I were a fashion blogger and didn’t wear the same outfit for days and weeks at  a time I would use locations like this for my shoots.