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Here are nine photos taken at Electrify builds. I really liked all of these and I included SLurls today. In the first photo, Pearl is standing near the top of the Antiquity build, gazing over Fantasy Roleplay Storytelling by AineMari Flanagan.

This was fabulous and I spent a lot of time reading the fascinating information and enjoying the colorful artwork. Other residents lingered and chatted as well; I didn’t see anyone rushing in and then out again.

Pearl is floating in a pool. After previously experiencing several crashes, this was lovely and soothing. You can click on the goddess figure for a blessing. I picked up a t-shirt which I haven’t unpacked but I think I’ll like it.

Lots of bloggers do SLurls. (I returned to Electrify to add some to this one post.) I usually choose not to because they seem so temporary; I’m also not up to it. Readers turn to other blogs for destination ideas and I need to keep my blog easy and fun for me so that I’ll continue to post. My blog isn’t appealing for everyone but there’s a place for it, I believe.

Building I like at Alliance Navy

Building I like at Alliance Navy

This was a sort of dance pavillion at the Alliance Navy build. The name of the creator was unfamiliar to me (eku Zhong) and I haven’t noticed this elsewhere in Second Life. It took quite a bit of time and maneuvering to get this shot because of what’s around it and I felt compelled to use a lens flare edit.

Electrify2_003This photo doesn’t do the build justice. AlaFolie, unlike many other places, is very open and easy to recognize from the sidewalk. The main thing bothering me about this celebration is circling the buildings trying to figure out where and how to get in.

While I was at AlaFolie other residents were enjoying it as well–not a place to rush out of. There were LOTS of free gifts including the clothes you see hanging here. (I haven’t unpacked any of them yet.) There was vintage dressmaking decor and it was all lovely and very tasteful.

SL Shatoetry by R Crap Mariner

SL Shatoetry by R Crap Mariner

SL Shatoetry by R Crap Mariner

SL Shatoetry by R Crap Mariner

I found this to be a unique and fun build to visit. This is the sort of thing I personally like more than florescent and neon. I loved the rain and I wanted my very own photos of this.

Electrify2_005Electrify2_004The above two photos were taken at The Broother by CapCat Ragu. It’s one of my favorite builds so far.

AlaFolieAnother picture of AlaFolie when I returned.