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Mesmerize_04Lepidoptera Museum_Evan MoonshineI visited the SL10B areas of Mesmerize and Exhilarate on Sunday evening with my alt. There were so many photos of Exhilarate that I like so it will get a separate post.

It’s challenging to photograph some of the places because of the surrounding view. I can’t imagine the time and effort that goes into putting these exhibits together; I know I certainly don’t have the skills.

That being said…..many of us want to do so much more than we actually have time and energy for. And life happens. In my head I can plan all sorts of projects but getting them into the physical world….well we all know what that’s like. This is the first SL birthday celebration I’ve been to so I have nothing to compare it to really. I find some of the exhibits rather odd. That’s all I’m going to say.

This evening I took photos in Electrify. Pearl wore Victorian clothes. Later while I was working in another window, she did hang around the Pandamonium 1850 London exhibit at Magnificent #15 like I mentioned yesterday I wanted to do.

Yesterday evening as a bear alt I saw lots of fabulous avatars. This evening, when I was sort of in character at the rp exhibit, it was only very new residents who approached me with questions. They were lacking in manners, patience, appreciation and social graces.  Now I’m back-pedaling from offering to make myself available in that way.  It soured me to the point where I’m unwilling to label where the above pics were taken in Mesmerize.

But I’m learning how to master this particular first life. I didn’t plan on feeling like or finding the time to even attend SL’s tenth birthday. I’m learning to be a lot more careful with what I say I’m going to do. I don’t like rushing and frantically playing catch-up. And I certainly don’t like being involved in things that make me work too hard at hiding irritability. While I sometimes envy those who are very creative in Second Life I’m also relieved that I’m learning not to pressure myself and compare.

It’s worth the lag and sifting through the tacky, ugly to experience this event.