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First Day SL10B_03About an hour after SL10B opened I teleported in and wandered around for two and a half hours taking some pictures. Already having too many commitments, I hadn’t signed up for the press tour or greeter training.  Other bloggers and photographers are doing an excellent sharing of this celebration but I read on Daniel Voyager’s blog that more SL birthday party blogging is welcome.

I love taking photos but find it difficult at events like this. None of the settings on my viewer were changed; I did do some simple post processing in picmonkey, mostly cropping. Logging into SL on a Sunday afternoon after not being online much for a while got me a flurry of IMs but I was able to focus well enough on exploring.

I landed in the welcome area and noticed that there were greeters available if I wished to ask for help. The lag wasn’t bad at all for the first hour but things were rezzing slowly so I didn’t take many pictures.

Spectacular Auditorium

Spectacular Auditorium

Saffia Widdershins was shouting for people to join her in the auditorium so I headed in that direction. While moving forward I hit a key that caused Pearl to leap high into the air and land on the stage. When I tried to run away I sank into the floor and got stuck. /me laughs. I soon moved on, not knowing how much time I’d have to look around.

First Day SL10B_02I picked up a few free gifts here and there, most notably for me a sailboat, bike, glider and train all in one location along with maps and landmarks showing where to rez and use them. (Maybe I’ve somehow acquired better skills than my usual crashing and sinking that I’ve experienced in the past?)

First Day SL10B_04Things were still rezzing slowly for me; I used my flight feather and it was a great help. Mostly I randomly moved around Enchant and Spectacular. There’s so much to see that many residents might want to plan their visit; checking the slurls, photos and information on the blogs of the organized.



All the bright colors and intricate objects around me–then I noticed a mausoleum and old cemetery. I felt more at home in the creepy architecture of !Pandemonium.

It reminded me that the sim I rp on, Pandemonium 1850s London has a place on SL10B Magnificent. Luke Templar, the owner and builder, has partially recreated Fleet Street. I didn’t attend the planning meeting for participating in SL10B–there’s to be para roleplay information made available–but I’m welcome to hang out wearing IC costuming. One of the display shops is Ye Olde Cock Tavern, of which I’m the manager (slacker lately) on the roleplay sim.

That’s the SLurl under the photo. I’ve blogged about setting up my flat above the Tavern. Without causing myself lack-of-follow-through angst, I hope to make time to spend in the SL10B installation.  You’re very welcome to say hello; maybe I’ll see you there.

Nessuno Myoo and Kicca Igaly with Pearl gazing in awe.

Artists Nessuno Myoo and Kicca Igaly; Pearl gazing on in awe.

I enjoyed exploring Magnificent and want to go back. I saw Kicca Igaly’s art installation; the soothing colors and ambient sounds of the camping display in back were much appreciated.

Resting by a fountain in Magnificent before going home.

Resting by a fountain in Magnificent before going home.