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Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk

I noticed Elephant Walk in the destination guide while I was looking for Raven Lake Fathoms. Oh, the transitory nature of sims. I teleported in and took this photo, not spending much time there as I moved to nearby areas in a place called Picklefish Island. I liked the architecture and statues—the landscaping and whimsical, bright colored objects not so much. The Chapel building by POST was there and it’s always delightful to see one of those.


To Just Passing Through

Yesterday I saw the film, Before Midnight, and I loved it. I went during the middle of the day and it felt good to sit in a small theater with people who also like that sort of film.

I first watched “Before Sunset” in 2005 when I’d left my job and home to care for my sister during the last five months of her life. About half way through I thought I might die or lose my mind so I took a “vacation” by checking into a boutique hotel for one night, soaking in the bathtub, staying in bed and watching videos.  The  conversations in the film were an effective escape and it was comforting that there are people in the world who’ll make films like that.

Later I discovered the first of the films, “Before Sunrise”, which was from 1995 and I really liked it as well. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that this third film is now available.

The eighth of June was the anniversary of my sisters’ death–both of my younger sisters are gone now–and while I cultivate tolerance in myself, it’s vastly affected the amount of nonsense and bullshit that I can pay attention to.

There was a scene where the characters were talking about electronic communication and relationships. While the story isn’t a sugar-coated fairy tale, I found it to be plausible and even if somewhat open-ended it has a happy ending.