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This past weekend I visited Tableau for the first time after noticing it as background on a fashion blog. I was attracted to the colors. It might be easy to let jadedness creep into my Second Life experience sometimes and then I discover something new to me. Tableau_009The above is a raw shot; I love the colors. I wasn’t feeling sociable at all and happily spent a long time wandering around alone and taking photos. I took so many I like that I’m going to post them over three days.


There’s lots of good shopping here for people who enjoy that but there’s so much other stuff to see and it’s a wonderful place to take pictures. Tableau_1-3The place appeals to me in so many ways and it was soothing since I’m still feeling like keeping my distance from SL. That isn’t really a problem; I’m just noticing it.


Most of these photos were processed very simply in picmonkey with a click or two. I don’t go for fussing and perfection; it’s just the overall mood and look I like to alter a little.Tableau_1_5

Tableau_1_6It seemed like this place has been around for a while and it just hadn’t come to my attention before.