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Salt Water, Baja Norte is a gorgeous little place to visit. Lately I’ve noticed several bloggers have posted about it and included slurls so I teleported over, explored and took some photos. The top photo is a raw shot and the other three were post processed in picmonkey–just simple clicks without much fuss at all.

For most of last week I posted some photos I snapped at the Home and Garden Expo. It had been a while since I was out and about in Second Life; I visited the Expo when I had insomnia in the wee hours one morning. No one else was around.

Almost all of my SL information is obtained first hand or from reading WordPress blogs. I had no idea there was big drama regarding the Expo until this weekend. I read that many boycotted it and that many opinions had been flung about.

I continue to be very responsible in my first life and go inworld for recreation and relaxation.

Pearl sighed, turned away from the drama reports, went to Baja Norte and buried her head in the sand.  Baja Norte_01

Baja Norte_02Baja Norte_03