SteamRose_4And this is a photo I referred to yesterday, as a glimpse into my inner landscape. The other photos in the series may or may not ever show up.

This was taken at SteamRose, when I attempted to participate in the Historical Hunt. I learned I’m not good at hunts and I didn’t enjoy it. I grabbed some items and they sat in my inventory, unopened and unrezzed until I cleared most of them out recently.

I do have a project in mind with some of the items I found though. I got the tiny pirate ship and the tiny submarine; I also have a raven avatar and I’d like to do some photos and/or machinima with the cute, waddling raven in those vehicles. This involves location, time and privacy.

Creativity and play can be messy and often the results can appear a total waste of time in the eyes of the almost-ever-present “others”.

It’s nice I got to experience Steam Rose; it’s kind of close to home.