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PandamoniumBy now almost everyone knows about the new TOS from Linden Labs. I actually read some of it, since the last time there was a change I was only about three months old, wasn’t sure if I was going to stay and it hadn’t crossed my mind that I’d ever be blogging about SL.

Some of it was quite useful, leading me to Wiki pages about use of photographs and such, things I’ve been wondering about lately. I learned about looking at covenants to see if photography is allowed on a sim. It seems like there are so many mistakes a well-meaning person can make by blundering in and exploring things. I tend to err on the side of caution and it does hamper my fun and creativity.

I’ve noticed that many of the bloggers make a point of indicating that Second Life is trademarked and all that legal sort of stuff. What I do is very informal and I’ve never networked with SL blogger support groups; I think I’m all right though.Pandamonium homeAnyway once I got past that–earlier I’d realized my spring allergies would keep me from working efficiently–I distracted myself with moving home in my 1850’s London rp sim–the rp that’s going well. I am a witch and have recently begun managing the tavern in the top photo.

I had 25 land impact allowed and I used 23; I think I did very well. I bought three new items and otherwise used what I had. The fortune teller table above is by Mystique and is a 7 land impact. It has a candle, the two chairs, tablecloth and props of a crystal ball and tarot cards. The lovely ones I already had were too high in land impact. The Teal Persian rug came from the Fantasy Faire build that The Looking Glass had. It was the shop with the Asian furnishings–I liked almost everything in there.

The oval portrait of the Victorian couple is new as well. It is a 3 land impact but is so lovely it’s worth it. It came from Spargel and Shine–I love Tess Spargel’s homes–and that might be why “shine and sparkle” was going through my feverish head yesterday.

My character is illiterate but in the window is her inscribed copy of “Vampyre No More” that she received from an enjoyable IC reading and book signing.  pandamonium home2The botanical prints on the wall are 1 prim each and I’ve used them in almost every place I’ve lived. The vanity is by [DDD] and I’ve had it a long time. It’s an amazing 2 prims and is actually medieval/fantasy but works for Victorian rp. It has 3 animations and one sit. The vase is from POST, one of my favorite shops, land impact 3. The bed is something I looked for on the marketplace; land impact 4. It was made by a Myfanwy McMahon and is meant for realistically scaled avatars; it can be modified but that may increase the land impact.

The Victorian beds I had in inventory were either high prim or low prim ones made for giants. I’m not at all knowledgeable or patient with modifying things. The sizes of everything here seem consistent with each other; my avatar actually fits the bed although it might not seem so in the photo.

So I’m feeling rather accomplished right now and know that when I’m feeling better I’ll be very efficient at my first world work. Here’s a final shot of the sim, using region settings and no post processing on my part.