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fantasy_faire_008Sometimes the hardest thing about blogging is coming up with a title. This post has photos–raw and edited, some observations on roleplay and a little about what I’ve been doing. Maybe I should have titled it blah, blah, blah.


These first three photos were taken at Magnificat at Fantasy Faire, which is now over. I always enjoy Alia Baroque’s work; there are ongoing changes at Fallen Gods Inc which I’ve been checking lately. Even the “work in progress” looks amazing.


The first three photos I just snapped what I saw. I played with changing them and liked the results, shown below. 

I like dancing in SL because my avatar is such an amazing dancer 🙂 and I don’t have to pay so much attention. It’s difficult for me to dance in real life and that’s also why I like it. I once was at an event where someone said there’s nothing more boring than dancing in Second Life. I think listening to strong opinions is more boring myself.

Anyway, someone asked me to go dancing yesterday evening; it was a country place–which I usually don’t go to–and it was fun. I changed out of my Victorian Witch dress and found some jeans in inventory. My feet, chest and hands looked royal blue on my viewer for a while at first. It’s good to have good company in SL, someone who can carry on a conversation and has some patience.


I’m not a long-time roleplayer, been doing it for less than two years and only in SL but have noticed a few things different in my experience lately. I’ve been in meetings talking about roleplaying more than actually playing. I guess that’s fine–being proactive instead of whining and giving up because it’s so hard to get people together. I like that it’s becoming more about the story and that all people’s stories are important instead of having a few players that want to dominate everyone else. 


There are two rp sims that I’m focusing on at the moment and one I’ve seen a few red flags about. While I like that sim owners keep people informed, the information was a little sharp when it came to the reasons why they had to move location and also why they changed furniture from something that didn’t work so well. We all get irritated, I know. And I say “they” because I’m barely established in it and don’t feel like a “we”. The person who approved my bio didn’t send it along to the other admins which has been inconvenient. (Well, I can’t find my NC copy either.)

During my first rp, there was a group of us and some nudity involved. I admit I was horrified when I got an offline group message that photos would be posted. When I looked online, they were taken from a distance and they were just inventory snapshots; I was relieved. Yes, it’s only pixels and no one else seems to care. I’m just mentioning that I have a funny feeling about it and I’m going to possibly be a fool and overlook that. 

My uneasy feeling was intensified when there was a group message about some sex rp that had taken place. Yes, it was kind of amusing. Yes, these players are not at all shy. Yes, I’ve been called a prude several times. Yes, it’s been mentioned to me a few times that sensitive people shouldn’t be on the internet. (What?)


There are all different kinds of people in the world. I’m not even comfortable mentioning the name of the avatar I went dancing with–he’s not likely to ever read this post even. So, this isn’t important to anyone else–just a little conflict I’m having. I haven’t expressed my concern anywhere else but here and haven’t decided if I’m going with or against my better judgement.

I’m pleased with these photos though, and I like blogging and I like when my avatar’s hands, feet and chest are the same skin color as the rest of her.