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The ongoing Second Life “improvements” are affecting my experience lately. I still believe it’s all worth it but I’ve had frequent crashes, new purchases vanishing into  the virtual ethers, gotten stuck inside objects and I’ve been unable to use SLurls or log in from my dashboard. And then there’s the length of time for things to rez. With first life becoming busier, I haven’t been able to justify logging in so much this week.

I did find time to make a rather quick visit to the Fantasy Faire and took photos between crashes and inability to move. I’ve been playing with editing them and that has been quite satisfying to me.  Fantasy Faire is over and no one will see these and then join Second Life and have their experience ruined forever because things don’t look like the photos I’ve embellished.

Magnificat edited

Magnificat edited

These were taken at Magnificat, which was an amazing build. There was not much skill involved in editing, I simply had the patience and focus to click on different things in picmonkey and choose what I like.


Experimenting is good. There is no better or worse, just different. Personal tastes are valid. Magnificat_1

I’d like to add how much I appreciate the friendliness and responsiveness of the Second Life WordPress community.

I have a few more before-and-after photos of Fantasy Faire to post here during the next week for my sort-of-album. In the meantime, I’m having some roleplay difficulties but I’m not close to giving up.