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Mayfair, I’ve just learned was the first whole mesh sim. It’s the home of Celoe and {mon tissu} and came to my attention when I saw some retro jeans on a shopping blog and wanted them for an event on Saturday the 20th. I couldn’t find them in the Marketplace so went inworld to look, setting aside other things I should have been doing. Mayfair_002

I didn’t find the jeans–I found some in my inventory from Izzie’s that are fine–but I had a pleasant time exploring. Lately I’m really liking white walls; Celoe has dressing rooms upstairs which I found charming. Mayfair_003

{mon tissue} also has a lovely dressing and waiting area; I like the decor.Mayfair_004There is a garden area behind {mon tissu} as well as outdoor cafe seating near a bakery. It was a pleasant little break for me.