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A few weeks ago I followed through on my wish to have a photo shoot for my profile picture and several picks for my roleplay sims. I thought Strawberry Singh did an awesome job on the photos of Canary Beck and of Yordie Sands but I figured she would be too busy. She has a list of recommended photographers on her blog but I was too tired to research and choose. Once again, the way was made easy by my reading blogs, which gives me shopping ideas and lets me know of destinations I wouldn’t want to miss.

I noticed the Pics By Peep blog and contacted Peep Sideshow. The whole experience was excellent for me. She responded in a timely manner, was clear about what I needed to do and listened to what it was that I had in mind. She followed through on what she said she would do. She was patient, focused and while most of it was very easy for me, she kindly helped me with something I had difficulty with.  photoshoot_002

She took lots of photos and it was difficult to pick out the ones I wanted to use. My photo shoot happened on a sky platform thing and she now has a studio on the ground. You can find all the information on her blog.

She posted some of the photos she took of me in her portraits section and I think Pearl looks gorgeous. I’m using the profile photo for my Gravatar as well; I’ve received a lot of compliments on the pictures that Peep took.