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IO_april_001About six months ago I signed up for an account in Island Oasis after reading about it in Daniel Voyager’s blog. Things weren’t going so well for me and there were lots of rumors about the sky falling and such in Second Life.

In Island Oasis, my name is Wren Grey and I’ve been logging in every 3 or 4 days to click the rental box on my free little island; they are still available and can be maintained by logging in and clicking the box at least once a week.

IO_april_002I’ve yet to make time to go to any of the events or town hall meetings and never see anyone around but when I log in now, the islands around me have owners who’ve placed things. Seven of the eight islands immediately around me are now occupied, most of them by people who can do at least basic builds.

IO_april_003There are free houses that can be picked up when you are in the welcome area; mine is a log cabin and I’ve posted photos of it in the past. I’ve made a puppy bed and a bench that when sat upon, I’ve either sunk into the ground or sat upside down, even with my AO off.

IO_april_004Last time I ventured into the welcome area, it must have been under remodel because lots of the free stuff I’d picked up to furnish my place was no longer available. People would be welcome to click on and make copies of what I have out but it looks like those around me might be making their own objects. Flying along the water ways between the islands is the only way I can get around and I only snoop briefly while I’m in the air.

IO_april_005I’ve not figured out how to convert my Lindens into P’s, which is what the economy uses. There are still ways to sign up for a free shop and there are people creating things inworld.

I very much prefer Second Life but I like having an account here and having my own little island. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for the last four months. I’m getting a little tired of looking at all the logs in my cabin and want to switch to another one of the houses now that it’s spring.

IO_april_006I don’t have any friends at all here but I still have hopes.