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The different activities I participate in require frequent outfit changes, which is all right when I actually get to do something but too often sims have nothing going on at the time to make it worth my while. I greatly prefer not to enter a rp sim dressed inappropriately and certainly don’t want to IM people or groups asking if anyone’s there.

Tending to think there’s a solution for everything or at least a perception to accept and live at peace with circumstances, I wondered how I might make this costume change thing easier.LNL_6

A few weeks ago I attended an event where I met London Junkers and Lizzie Gudkov. Lizzie left to attend another party; London and I danced and chatted. When I mentioned that I enjoy Victorian roleplay, I was offered an outfit from their product line at LnL Square. It was only later that I learned more of the accomplishments and talents of these partners and by then I already felt comfortable instead of intimidated.LNL_5

When I visited LnL Square, I took photos of some of the places to hang out, which I’ll post soon. I looked at all the outfits and chose one of many that seemed multi-purpose to me. The above photos were taken at New Gomorrah, with the time being in 2080. In the Shadowrun book I’m reading, there’s mention of the runners wearing dusters. I dress differently when I’m in the Tea and Bath House I manage of course, but this outfit works well for me especially now that my character is becoming more of a bad-ass. 🙂 LNL_4

Then I walked around one of my Victorian roleplay sims and it worked there as well. This particular unisex outfit is LnL 0_91. They’re all numbered and all the same price. This one has a hat, scarf, collar, belt, cane and coat bottom which are all resizable. I tend to leave the accessories off as I also wear this other places inworld. I get more playtime and have less messing with appearance.LNL_2

These photos are in low light, I know. I quite fit in, walking around a dangerous area alone at night.LNL_1This is one of the rare times I ventured into the Vampire hangout. (No one else was around.)

It was fascinating to me to hear about how LnL Square began. It sounded to me like it was an organic process that kept including the next logical step and that it has sustainability, which is a subject dear to me.

It’s wonderful to have vision, to dream big and to bring amazing creations into any reality but I become weary when I feel there’s too much struggle and support needed from me to keep someone else’s dream going. I have my own agendas that need attending. This dynamic is something I’m all too aware of in my first life and I don’t care for it in Second Life.

I really like the new Vintage clothes and also the outfits I got at the Buddy Walk event which I’ve blogged about in the last few months. This outfit is very versatile  for when I log on at odd times and need to check out several places before I find something going on to engage with.