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Goatswood_001 Goatswood is a kind of Gothic, Victorian roleplay sim that I visited recently. I love the build but don’t recall many of the details because I understood I wouldn’t have time to play there for a while. I got a 3 day observers pass but only spent an hour or so looking around. It was encouraging that I “overheard” roleplayers there who were quite good.Goatswood_004 There’s a backstory that ought to be read if one is to play well, and something–a meter or HUD–that needs to be purchased and learned as well. I’m keeping this place in mind if the other things I like to do in SL go away.


There were interesting areas and it looked like all the rentals were full, which is a good sign.Goatswood_006

I wandered around looking and listening and behaved appropriately as an observer so as not to disturb the ongoing conversations, which didn’t seem to violent or hostile.Goatswood_008This is the landing area with all sorts of information. I also liked that those in charge seem to be attending to and involved in the sim. There are shops nearby which is convenient for those of us who like to buy needed inventory inworld.

As usual, I didn’t do anything with the photos after taking them but I like the way they turned out.