Fallen Gods Inc shop at the Skin Fair

Fallen Gods Inc shop at the Skin Fair

A few Tuesday mornings ago I was to meet someone at a nearby park for coffee and to talk about a creative project.  It was windy and then there was hail. Since it was real life we postponed our meeting.

There were plenty of other things I could have done but I decided to log into SL first; I had a specific purpose in mind which I can’t recall right now. Linden Labs was doing something and I wasn’t able to teleport to several of the locations that I wanted to and somehow I found myself going to the Skin Fair instead.

I quickly walked into and out of every little booth on both sims, taking a longer look at a few of them. I wasn’t expecting the very youthful appearance of many of the skins. It seemed difficult to be able to make a decision on just one or two, if I’d been after a new look.

The female residents I noticed around me looked perfect already. Maybe they were the designers or fashion bloggers; I didn’t read profiles or IM with anyone. There were some males hanging around and they looked like new residents who could have used a lot of help with their appearance; again, I didn’t read their profiles.

Skin Fair_003The most interesting booth for me was the Ruby Skins booth that had more “natural” and “ethnic” skins. Some of the photos reminded me of people I actually know in real life. The shapes were certainly more realistic than the perfect ones usually seen.

The places where I go, I’ve never noticed anyone with skins and shapes like these except for Virtual Ability Island. I then teleported to the Ruby Skins main store and looked at most everything there.

Ruby Skins_001There were various mature age groups represented, quite a variety of types and shapes. I’m not planning to use any of these any time soon but I’m pleased to know that they’re available for those who might want them.

The store was on the mainland, a place I’ve rarely been to and I got distracted by that. I walked down the road looking at the odd, weird dream-like landscape until I sunk under the road and found I was trapped there.

Then I shut down the laptop and went on with my day, speaking with people who would likely never understand what I’d just done online.