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Photos taken at Onigashima. This is how I’ve felt for almost a week, like I’m standing out in the open in a magical field, gazing off into the distance, feeling no pressure and pleased to be alive.

Maybe I have spring fever; I suspect part of it is from last week’s full moon. I’ve been adjusting to my latest superpower downloads and I’m ready to tend my blog again.


Onigashima is a Japanese themed sim and has shops among many interesting little spots to explore. I went to visit after noticing a blog post about it and while there I discovered that they recently had a photo contest. Somewhere on Flickr I’m sure there are wonderful pictures. As usual, I’ve done no editing on these.   Onigashima_001 I really looked everywhere here, walking up and down hills like a mountain goat although there are many stone steps and also bridges to get around. There was a shop higher up that was under construction and I’d like to go back when it’s finished. Onigashima_003I couldn’t help but purchase a kimono. I’m not sure where I’ll use it but I’ve tried it on. The sim is unique and enjoyable even if you aren’t interested in shopping.