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Buddy Walk fashion_001

These are photos of the four new outfits I got at Buddy Walk, which will continue through the end of the month. Usually I don’t enjoy shopping so when the energy and time was available to look through all the shops, I made the most of it and I’m really pleased with my selections.
Buddy Walk fashion_002

The back of this Pearl River Gown by [SAKIDE] is lovely as are the details, which  don’t show so much in my clicked snapshots, which is how I do SL photgraphy. I wore this Saturday evening at a masquerade party at Basilique, which I very much enjoyed. Early on, I noticed my ankles were missing and then switched to the “with feet” version which solved that. The gown is also available in white and red.
buddy walkOne of the reasons shopping was easier was because I was also in IMs with someone I hadn’t seen for ages since we were in Victorian roleplay.  We talked for hours and later I showed him some amazing  places, the one above being Insight Forest.  The outfit is a: lilitha: blue. It’s also available in a reddish orange print. Later I wore a smaller size than the one in the photo above. There was a NC about the possible need for tinting pasties to skin color, which I didn’t feel like messing with but it really wasn’t necessary for this avatar, even with the smaller size.

Buddy Walk_001

The [SAKIDE] French Touch Skirt I bought also includes a white skirt with black dots. Also available is a red/white set. The top is [SAKIDE] Spencer Lace Shirt which  is also available in black. When I was walking across the mall, I chanced upon this bear which is free so of course I took a copy. A girl never knows when she might have use for a bear.
Buddy Walk_002This is the Sarasota Sleeveless Dress by *Citrus* and I really like it as well. I’ve been watching season three of Mad Men on DVD and I might be influenced by the styles I’ve been seeing.

This was a fun and painless way to get some new clothes, which are very reasonably priced and it’s for a worthy cause. It was easy for me to get around and I had no problems with lag.