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Erato Fractal by Fuschia Nightfire ~ Meta_Body II

Erato Fractal by Fuschia Nightfire ~ Meta_Body II

Photos taken at The Looking Glass

avatars_016avatars_019It’s almost 4:00 a.m. here as I edit this. I’ve just spent hours dancing and chatting with an old friend from my Legacies 1891 roleplay days. This is something I don’t do often anymore.

We were both procrastinating on projects we were working on, instead going to Midsomer Meadows wearing our totally different style outfits; I had bare feet and he wore heavy boots.

Our rp characters shouldn’t plausibly have been friends; his was quite dangerous but Pearl charmed him and so we ended up chatting OOC instead of Pearl getting murdered.

Tonight I also got a little tarot reading which was very illuminating; we had fun with no agenda, just two people behind avatars taking time for each other and chatting from different sides of the world.