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Ballet Pixelle_002

Wednesday afternoon, Ballet Pixelle performed “En Passant” and it was my first experience of attending ballet in Second Life. I arrived early, wearing a top, wrap skirt and boots. This photo was taken a while before the performance because I wanted to relax and not disturb anyone. More than half the audience were dressed formally and it was quite nice to see the men dressed so.

It was recommended to set the sun to sunset and to hide our display names and  tags, something I had no idea could be done. It was easily edited in preferences, a place I don’t really know my way around. I plan to do this in the future at events, I think.

A playbill was given as a hud to wear; pages could be turned. I haven’t looked through it yet but we were told it can be placed on a book shelf in our home and I think that’s really cool.  For the enjoyment of all, these instructions were given:


Before the performance begins, we ask that all patrons remove or detach facelights, AOs, bling and scripts which might chatter or otherwise disturb other audience members.

During the performance, please use IMs for conversations. We thank you for this courtesy.”

The performance went really well. I know almost nothing about chess, yet it made enough sense to me because of the information in chat. The ballet is in three acts and you’ll be prompted to restart your music stream at the beginning of each act to sync with it. The music is lovely, composed and played by a Japanese resident for this ballet.

There were a few of those unique SL moments; a lady sat on my head for several seconds and a resident who was one day old was asking in chat “but how do you sit?????????”.  Later that resident tried to walk onto the stage during the performance but there was some kind of invisible barrier and everything went on in a good way.

On the stage with the dancers.

On the stage with the dancers, by invitation after the performance.

Afterwards, the audience was invited to see the stage and meet the dancers. I was intrigued by what they were saying about getting “autographs”. You click on the autograph pad the resident is holding–that brown thing the avatar on the left has–and it gives you a texture with the dancer’s photo, which is autographed and dated with the month and year.

When I inquired about it, I was told it was made for them by Mo Hax. Then Tik Merlin, one of the dancers, customized the script for them.

This is their sixteenth ballet and I wish I could have seen previous ones but I simply had no idea this sort of thing happened until recently. I am in awe that people from all over the world work together to create something like this and I hope they have some idea how greatly it’s appreciated.

I was walking over to the area to sign up for a subscription when I sunk through the floor and was trapped to such a degree that I had to teleport home. But I’ll be back.

The next performance is on Sunday, March 10 in the afternoon.