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Meta_Body II ~ Amazonzia by Wanda Beamish

Meta_Body II ~ Amazonzia by Wanda Beamish

Photo taken at The Sand Hills Country.

This is one of my favorite skins so far of the avatars I’ve tried from Meta_Body II.


The Sand Hills Country looks beautiful from the little I’ve seen of it so far. I just teleported in to pick up a landmark and take some photos. I intend to return to explore the whole sim.

Fraud in the Marketplace

Shopping takes too much time for me as does “fixing” purchases like footwear. I’ve been searching for Vintage clothes to wear to Basilque as well as evening wear to wear to Oz in Calas Galadhon, someplace I’ve never been to but have recently been invited.

Friends have cautioned me about recent content theft and fraud in the marketplace. In at least one situation, the stolen content offered was actually some kind of griefer thing that when worn, spammed the region it was in. This link, with information and suggestions was offered to me and I found it helpful.