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alpha.tribe Meta_Body Avatar

alpha.tribe Meta_Body Avatar

Photo taken at Francesca.

This week I’ll be trying to catch up in real life because of an unexpected thing that happened to me when I went to Meta_Body II.  I’ve been reading blogs here and have a list of places I want to visit. One of Honour McMillan’s posts mentioned Meta_Body II and I thought I’d teleport over for a quick 15 minute look around.

Hours later, I realized I was only about half way done with what I wanted to do. I learned things about myself, lost track of time in the best possible way and had fun.

Meta_Body II has been explained well by others elsewhere and if you happen to be reading this post, I’m sure you know by whom and where to find them. On this blog you’ll find some photos and a little about my experience although I’ll include the slurl in future posts. (Yes, posts.)

You can pick up the free avatars, assembled from parts of avatars from Meta_Body. (I’ve since learned that these are derivative works, not merely assembled parts.)

There might be a folder of images; I didn’t look at it so the avatars were a surprise for me as I changed outfits.

I don’t like to change clothes and mess with details so I had the bright idea of getting an alt to play with these avatars, with which I could simply quit if I got tired or frustrated and Pearl would be ready to go next time I logged in. I chose a male for the account with a very basic look and I got him a free AO.  Later, I discovered that most of the avatars I’ve tried so far seem to be female and they look a little odd with the AO, but no matter. This is Second Life, after all.

I’m very surprised that I’ve had the patience to put on what in some cases seem to be about 18 or 20 parts. And then do it again and again. Now I want to go back and pick up the original avatars so I can take my favorite components and make at least two avatars, which I’ll surely never use. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

I’ve taken photos and carefully considered whether or not to show them here because of the surprise element and have decided it’s all right. They were taken on some of those sims that have been written about on other blogs recently, which were on my list to visit anyway. This let me delude myself into feeling efficient considering how distracted and involved I allowed myself get in this.

I won’t show all of the photos. The sims are public places and I’m used to looking “normal” in public. I found that I felt nervous and unsafe when the avatar was small or doll-like. Some of them attracted attention, mostly from giant women who looked to be in SL for fashion and normally wouldn’t have seemed scary. No one actually said anything; they just moved closer to get a look.  It might have been better to pick a name that didn’t indicate gender.

One of the things that was drilled into me as a newbie was keeping script counts low and I usually have mine at around six to ten. That has a lot to do with why I dislike shopping. Likely these have higher script counts and that’s why I was careful of where I went.

I’ve found it to be a delightful, creative, positive and generous project. And for me, it worked better than drugs, or from what I’ve heard about drugs.