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painting by Seraphim Placebo

painting by Seraphim Placebo

One of the fun things I do in Second Life is roleplay on a sim based on the old Shadowrun board game. I don’t really know the game but I do well enough. I have an apartment, a business and feel at home here. I’ve just discovered that used copies of the Shadowrun novels from the early 90’s are available on amazon and I’ve ordered the first three volumes so that should help my roleplay be a lot more authentic.

New Gomorrah_004

This is my apartment which isn’t as techy and grungy as many others might choose and I’m sure isn’t representative of the stories.  I guess I don’t really stray to far from myself when creating characters.

New Gomorrah_002

This is the outside of the building that I live in. More palm trees have been added which I like.

It’s difficult to get good photos when we are on a Run; we are certainly a strange and motley looking bunch. Besides, I just want to relax, have fun and forget about photography.

New Gomorrah_001The building I live in is in the center of the photo. The Golden Dragon, which I manage, is in front of it.

The painting on my wall in the top photo is from a gallery curated by Seraphim Placebo and is the work of Chris Attwell, illustrator and photographer.

Lately, and oddly, we’ve have more women characters active, and of course that’s fine, except for some of them might be needing more attention.  There are no physical adept characters being accepted but there are different roles available and businesses to own and work in.

If anyone would like a guide to tour the sim, you can send a NC inworld to pearlgrey resident. There are many questions I wouldn’t be able to answer, but I can find someone who could.