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Just a little over a week ago, I visited Yordie Sands at her very new place of business for Yordie’s Excellent Adventures. It was a great environment and I was interested in her plans, which were a work in progress at the time.

Yordie’s chosen to leave Second Life since then and move on to other things. YEA_001

It was the first time I’d seen the New England area where her office/shop was located.
YEA_002While Yordie was gone for lunch that day, I went to a small nearby park to read.

I believe that wherever she is, she’ll soon be planning new adventures. :-).

The Oscars and French television

This blog is about Second Life but I’ve mentioned a few television shows and films in subjective, light reviews when my virtual world experiences weren’t so good, as sometimes happens.

I also have an interest in how media affects and changes us, the effects of violence and struggle on our subconscious and also the way that women are portrayed onscreen. I’ve written about that a few times, but really I need this blog and my virtual world for escape and recreation.

That being said, I’m pleased that Argo won best picture. I really liked it, as well as Silver Linings Playbook. I also think Bradley Cooper is excellent in Silver Linings Playbook. I didn’t see the film Lincoln, about a President I admire, but I didn’t care for the way I saw him portrayed in the trailers I watched. I’m not sure why but something seems off to me.

Last year there were a lot of films I looked forward to and enjoyed. This year there’s hardly any. I’ve sat through trailers that were awful and I wonder about whether or not there will be any movies made for me in the years to come.

What I’m actually enjoying, even with the violence and horrid subject matter, are a couple of French television shows being shown oh hulu. My favorite is Spiral, as it’s titled in the US. I love the architecture, the style and grace of the actors and especially Gregory Fitoussi. Fitoussi is also in Mr Selfridge, which airs on Masterpiece the end of March.

The other French show is called Braquo. It’s grittier, about messed up cops but there’s something about it I find appealing, much more so than television here in the US.