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Faire_008These are photos from a Faire I visited on a Medieval/Fantasy sim last weekend. I didn’t check out the jousting, hunting or games but I enjoyed looking around. 

Faire_003It’s difficult to resist sitting down to a feast.

Faire_007Sometimes I forget that without my LaRPs hud, I’m allowed to fly. Often flying isn’t allowed or appropriate for places I go but I ended up flying here because there’s a lot to see and I’d been falling into the water a lot.


This is an active roleplay sim, with the ongoing tension between light and dark. Here I’m lazily resting from my explorations while a kind resident is answering my questions about the roleplay and rules.

The Medieval/Fantasy sim I’d last played in, DarkMoon Isle closed on February 15th because of lack of interest from SL residents. It was one of the most beautiful Medieval builds I’d seen but the owner/builder has real life projects and didn’t seem to be able to justify continuing. I hadn’t been there for about five weeks because I had trouble with someone and didn’t care to make a big deal of it.

Faire_014This photo was taken in the dark part of the realm but I found it to be beautiful. It’s tempting to consider playing here but there are other things I want to do with my SL time for a while and I’m still not up for learning yet another backstory, hud and rules. It’s been disappointing for me and I’m giving myself a break.   

Faire_015Since this is an “annual” Faire, the sim might be fairly stable and hopefully will still be around when I once again feel like participating in a Medieval/Fantasy roleplay community.