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This one is my favorite.

This one is my favorite.

Shortly after I unsuccessfully looked through the marketplace for vintage clothes, I saw a blog headline about the new vintage shopping area near the 1920’s Berlin project. I went to visit and spent several hours looking at almost everything. I looked at what’s available at Old Time Prims and was surprised to find that I liked the 1950’s clothes for women, not my favorite time period at all.

Vintage Retro Historical Market Street

Vintage Retro Historical Market Street

This isn’t a shopping blog, but I can tell you that I got these outfits at Bacidalucia Vintage, which seems to be a 1920’s burlesque shop. My favorite shops are the jewelry stores; one is Earth Stones. I’m lazy about changing jewelry and will often wear the same earrings, pendant and bracelet for as long as I can no matter what the type and period of costume I’m wearing.

location: Serenity Falls

location: Serenity Falls

This outfit is hard to see in the photo but I wanted to show the 1920’s Oldsmobile you can get for free in the landing area between the shopping area and the Berlin sim. It is drive-able and after I rezzed it here and took the photo, I got in and promptly crashed into a nearby tree and then careened into the sea.


Another surprise for me was how much I liked the hats, not being a hat person. They didn’t work with my hair so I got this shorter Truth hair. Truth hair has always worked for me and I trust the store; all the hairs I use now come from there except for a Wasabi Pills one that is shaved on one side for my datajack implant.  Vintage_007

At the arrival point to the 1920’s Berlin Project there is an area which has info and measurements regarding realistic avatar proportions and height that looks quite detailed. My avatar must be about 6’5”. The roleplay sim encourages realistic looking avatars. Since I was on a shopping mission, I didn’t enter but days later I watched the treet tv episode about it which was quite informative.

Height variations in a crowd is something I often overlook; in the Shadowruns I do with Trogs and Orcs, I’m often one of the smaller players. Vintage_009

I’m not sure if this works for a club setting like the Basilique but I like it. I look more matronly than usual but have no problem with that.Vintage_011 This wasn’t the most attractive look for me but I feel like my shopping expedition was successful.

Of course I got distracted by the furniture and especially the radio shop. Store owners in at least one shop have done some amazing things with music and mixing it up with real life.

The Berlin sim accepts child avatars, something that isn’t available everywhere in SL, and the Old Time Prim shop has vintage children’s clothing.

I explored the shopping area for far longer than I intended but enjoyed the visit and will check back in a few months.