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Me and an old friend.

Me and an old friend.

I don’t know if Shakespeare would have approved of Julie and R but their story was amusing to me and worked well with my focus on a million satisfactory resolutions or a million happy endings. When I carved out time to see an afternoon movie recently, I had a choice to see Les Miserables or Warm Bodies; I made the right choice for me at the time. Of course there were cheesy lines but the brains-eating wasn’t too gross and it was heart-warming to see how the world was exhumed.

The gown I’m wearing in the photo is one of the vintage dresses I got at the new shopping area near the 1920’s Berlin Project. This isn’t a shopping blog but I want to show some of the dresses and write about my shopping trip soon. My search has been for clothes to wear to Basilique, the club where the women all look glamorous, sophisticated and beautiful. The dresses aren’t quite what I had in mind, but in a way they’re appropriate for me and I like them.

Music and the arts, along with love, make life worth living and there is something for all tastes.  There are many details I don’t remember about things but what I’m least likely to forget is how something or someone made me feel. I pay attention and already give thought to ideas, expressions and viewpoints –often too much so–and I don’t need blatant overkill to get me to think. I see no good reason to care much about the miserable knee-jerk denigration of my choices by those who would choose differently.

Others can find abrasive creative expression and obnoxious demands for attention to be clever, brilliant and hip but I find it to be so last millenium.  I don’t have to stand next to tantrums and listen to bitter hypocrisy no matter how talented someone is.

Those who enjoy adrenaline rushes, reactivity, conflict and drama can go for it. When people, no matter how intelligent and creative, act bat shit crazy there’s no good reason for me to waste energy trying to understanding why.

To me, miserable bat shit crazy is just that–miserable bat shit crazy, whatever one’s credentials.