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Interactive; use the float ball. artist Gracie Kendal

Interactive; use the float ball as I am here; by artist Gracie Kendal

The One Billion Rising folks have given an opportunity to preview the art builds until noon SLT today. I went back to play with the interactive art this morning. Yesterday I walked towards this one above at the wrong angle and missed the float ball. Even walking around inside it had looked amazing but then I wondered why the photo wasn’t so good.

I became disoriented in the Respawn one again and walked out into the sea but simply teleported back to the landing point.

artist Nessuno Myoo

by artist Nessuno Myoo

I had taken a photo of the work above for a previous post and after I took this one, realized that I just had to stop fretting about my photography skills. There isn’t likely to be any improvement in that area soon and I’m fine with that. ;-).

landscapingI noticed new landscaping on the already beautiful sims. I feel really fortunate that I got to preview this project where such amazing creativity happened in a short amount of time. Thanks to all who are bringing this about.