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Pinewood Estate_008My new header photo was taken at Calas Galadhon which has just reopened on Friday.

While Pinewood Estate was open to the public recently, I visited and took these photos. Since then, some of it’s been redone. You can learn more about that on the  blog by the owner and decorator.

Pinewood Estate_006I visited at an odd time when there was no one around. All of the photos here are of inside the home but I enjoyed the grounds as well. There were benches, animals and a fountain.

Pinewood Estate_005

Some of these rooms are no longer as they were in these photos. The owner seems to change the decor more often than I change my clothes.

Pinewood Estate_004

The estate will reopen soon and show the work of artists on the top floor. While I was there, two artists were represented, one on the main floor and another on the terrace in the back of the house.

I really liked the wall decor in the above photo.
Pinewood Estate_001

It’s a place worth visiting and I intend to return.