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log cabin island oasis_001In the virtual world of Island Oasis, I exchanged my windmill house for a log cabin on my private island.

log cabin island oasis_002I’ve used up all my prims. Maybe I should swap one of the plants for a rug in here.

log cabin island oasis_003Sitting up like I’ve had too much caffeine.

log cabin island oasis_004Sunset and no neighbors on the islands for as far as I can see.

log cabin island oasis_005“I finished your laundry. The ashes are in the fireplace.”

Expanding Time

Most of my time for virtual worlds is spent in Second Life but I’m also maintaining a home on the grid in Island Oasis. All I need to do to keep the island and home is to log in at least once a week. I check it more often but it can kind of freak me out just a little to realize how fast time goes by when I check the rental box and there’s only a day or two left, especially when it seems like I’ve just checked it.

I don’t have nearly as much control as I like to think I do but I have four things that help me stay sane with how time works.

#1. I attempt to focus on as few things as possible at one time instead of multi-tasking.

#2. I intend to really stay present in the moment and it seems to help time expand.

#3. I attempt to overlook and ignore how frequently cyclical things come around– like taxes, holidays, haircuts, logging in to Island Oasis and such–because that tends to give me a distorted sense of time.

#4 Much of the world operates on linear time and I go along with that well enough but I’m getting better at knowing when to utilize non-linear time.

Maybe what I’ve written about time doesn’t make sense so just forget about it; it helped me to write it.