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The sea to the right in the photo is where TornOak was last seen.

The sea to the right in the photo is where TornOak was last seen.

Wishing You An Awesome and Meaningful New Year

WordPress bloggers are some of the most sane and intelligent people I’ve seen online. May the new year be gentle with you and may you achieve your goals and dreams.

The State of the Blog

My break from blogging has flown by in a blur. For January my goal is to blog twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ll respond to comments as I always have and continue to read the blogs of those who participate here and also a few blogs of special interest to me.

Second Life

During December I spent little time in Second Life; I logged in a few times to check messages. I found that I didn’t miss it much; it’s so much better in my imagination than my actual experience of it.

There are residents that I care about (and some I even like) but I miss them being “present” even when they’re logged in. It’s none of my business why people behave the way they do; I’m only responsible for myself.

Serenity Falls and TornOak RolePlay Sims

I’ve checked these two sims a few times during the last month and no one was ever around. TornOak is gone now. I inquired about it to the owner and builder but didn’t get a response. Someone is still paying for the Serenity Falls sim presently.

Beautiful building in Serenity Falls

Beautiful building in Serenity Falls