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Pearl needs some rest.

This is the 183rd post in a row on this blog. Every day for the last six months something has been posted and I’ve learned things and enjoyed some of the other  blogs here.

I’ve decided to skip the month of December. When I began blogging I wasn’t sure if I would stay with it but I’m believing I’ll be back in January. I’ll still be reading here and I want to spend more time inworld than I have been lately.

I’m going to be doing another intense round of physical therapy and there are nervous system things involved. What this means is that I’ll be wanting to sleep a lot more and so I must and so I shall.

This is a special time of year for reflection and focusing on family and loved ones. Of course that is great for all the time but I find constant focus on anything to be tiring these days and compartmentalizing and containerizing is working better for the time being. I digress on something I don’t care at all to explain.

Taking a break from my blog is a good thing as is just playing in SL. I’ll see you around.