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There’s Work That Needs Doing

Most of the followers of my blog aren’t in Second Life. A few of them who actually read the posts, seemingly like the pictures and this post is for you. Any Second Life resident who happens to read this knows about machinima, and this points the way to my favorite one in the recent The Machinima Expo 2012. To be honest I’ve only looked at the short ones and that will work for this blog post. How has it come to ten minutes being to long to watch something? The one I’ve selected is less than four minutes long.

Machinima is cinematic production using real-time 3d computer graphics. Most of it seems to have to do with computer games, of which I know little about. This one is from Second Life, which really isn’t a game.

It’s called The Last Syllable of Recorded Time by Tutsy Navarathna. I don’t know how long these clips will be available but it’s well worth a look. This film looks and sounds amazing and I agree with the message. I like to watch it full screen.

I wish I could do this. (/me sighs.)