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Pearl wears a Watch uniform

Pearl’s “cousin” is a Sergeant in the Watch; so far it’s just him and a couple of dragons. He really, really is into his job and he had the idea that recruiting women might help. So I was basically asked if I would cross-dress to see how the uniforms would work on female avatars.

I dislike tweaking things constantly but I patiently tried to adjust this unflattering outfit. I got the boots from the Male Fantasy starter avatar that everyone gets in inventory. The kettle helmet had to be resized and moved as did the cuirass. Then the belt on the “skirt” was way too big and lopsided. At one point I was in frozen “change appearance” position while my friend was moving phantom uniform parts on and off me.

My hair has to be removed to wear the helmet. Then I was given a sword with several commands and also received several salute animations. Try as I do to make people understand that I have severe short-term memory problems, I really don’t know how this will work out for my character to be a guard and play with all these  details. Yes, he thinks that would be a great idea. Oh, and my arms disappear at times when I wear the uniform and I don’t care.

For it to be a success having female watch members, I guess it will depend on their skills and patience for adjusting these little details. I’m done with that although I’m game for the roleplay part. My “cousin” just enjoys combat.