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The fountain outside my Medieval/Fantasy home. The bird moves it’s head and caws; I like having it around.

When I played in the dark Victorian roleplay of Legacies 1891 I had a second character, a fat crow named Lucas. He looked to be the size of a dog and waddled when he walked. In a world with demons and vampires of course Lucas could talk, though not very well. He had his own character page, stats and bank account. When I was playing the Pearl Grey character, I had a small crow I could take out of inventory; it would fly and take commands in local chat so I could have it “speak”. It could ride on my shoulder when I walked around. I called it Lucas as well so Pearl could interact with him. She gained expert skills in animal care, teaching the bird to speak and some table manners as best she could.

The Lucas character came into being as a solution when Pearl was hiding in her home because of all the mean people and vampires. I trained him to send messages (via residents IC chat and notecards) so that I could play and yet survive. As the avatar Lucas, I got to fly all over the sim and explore in ways that the human Pearl could never do, going into very dangerous and small places. The details of that sim were amazing. Other residents used to IM me about how they were camming Lucas just to watch his fat, funny body waddling down the street.

Lucas had several enjoyable encounters with Nekos, one of whom wanted to have him for lunch and the other wanted to take some feathers because she believed it would help her fly.

It was a lot of fun and as I mentioned was a solution to some difficult times. It was inspiring to come up with story lines and I’m surprised how much I invested in the character. On the LaRPs character page, I see that Lucas hasn’t been played for 222 days now. He is now added to my list of things to get around to, at least for a short photo shoot.