Last week I changed into 21st century clothes and visited the private home of a  very talented SL resident and blogger. He’s made his family home temporarily available for people who want ideas for their land or to simply visit and enjoy the beauty. As someone who admires his creativity I really wanted to go have a look.

If you read most of the blogs here you’ll know where to find the SLurl; I have no idea how long the sim will be open to the public. I visited at about 2:00 a.m. when no one was around. It was after the election here in the U.S. and my human felt drained and it would likely have been socially awkward had there been other residents on the sim.

It was very peaceful and I enjoyed the animals, especially the dogs and the little piglet. Visiting virtual worlds can be very soothing and balancing.

I’ll have more pictures to share this week. My human has just returned from cocktails and political networking with about 20 other women. The alcohol, which is mostly a neurotoxin to her, and the high decibel levels she was exposed to for over an hour makes it remarkable that once again she’s shown up here at her blog.

She’s going to kick back the rest of the week, post the pretty pictures and wait for the eclipse to do its work on the world.