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Pearl Grey visits an exhibit by DACO Monday in Second Life.

Time for a day to regroup and allow the synapses to repair.  I’m keeping up with my NaNoWriMo novel, mostly pleased with how the election turned out and I want to be outdoors. Still I’m liking showing up here to blog everyday, mostly about Second Life.

My involvement in Second Life began for several thoughtful and introspective reasons, another tool for evolution and transformation. That’s still true, although I haven’t been writing about that part mostly because the actual living and doing of it is work and so the extra steps of attempting to explain it in writing here is one I’ve been unwilling to make. But yeah, behind the scenes all that is going on.

I’m still very interested in story telling and have concerns about the role modeling and images put out there for us in films, books and other entertainment. There’s a queasy feeling I get when I notice the quality of television writing which seems to me to be more and more by young people who grew up on television, video games and rarely read books or went outside and sat around under a tree for a few hours. I’m dismayed at what’s being presented as ways for young women to be.

I wonder if these writers and film makers and clothing designers and such realize that when we’re all older the world will be run by children who were exposed to all this crap.

Actually, I’m optimistic about the future, and at least I’m focusing on proactive things and where I can make a difference instead of lingering too long looking at the train wrecks.

Yeah, this post is too long but I just want to put a little of my opinion out there about technology, attention spans, entertainment, and role models in a bigger picture sort of way on my very own blog.

In appreciation to Veterans; thank you.