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Lately I’ve been spending less time in Second Life because of real life requirements and because the apparent waste, asshattery and lack of appreciation in the virtual worlds annoy me.

I’ve greatly enjoyed a visit to the Halloween sim and Lost City with Yordie Sands and I’m posting some photos today because if you hurry, there’s still a little time to see it before it goes away. It was fun, challenging, beautiful and there’s a prize at the end. Who would really want to miss an experience of touching a sandbag you’ve been warned not to, having it splat your skull open into a bloody mess and then getting up and going on your merry way?  There’s also a little time left to visit BURN2 which is well worth a visit.

The photos are dark but if you click on them and view at a certain angle you can see how amazing the build is. Or better yet, go visit inworld.

So much to do today, but when I’ve looked through my wordpress reader the last couple of days, I’ve noticed more than the usual intelligent, thoughtful blog posts about SL. I’m reminded again that there are resident creators and fellow bloggers who carry on and contribute what they do best. I’m once again pleased to be able to show up inworld, appreciate the best of it and write about it from my point of view and experience.