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This is a two prim puppy bed I made. It took an embarrassingly long time to make it, linking the two prims together. Pet beds are something I haven’t seen in Island Oasis and actually might be useful. I’ve made it in about four textures. The puppy here is way too many prims and so it stays in inventory along with two cats. I needed to size the bed so I  rezzed the puppy.

I have a copy of the puppy bed in my yard in case anyone’s flying by and wants to pick one up. I pretend the puppy is hiding somewhere instead of being stashed in inventory.

This is a 4 prim bench I made which took quite awhile. It also comes in several different textures. There’s a problem with my AO. When the avatar sits on things, it’s in really wacky poses and when the poses look more normal, the avatar stands up after a few seconds. Anyway when I sit on this bench, the poses are even more awkward. After I took this picture I sat the avatar down and she was totally underground except for her feet and ankles sticking out.

I don’t have the time and interest to figure out why, but maybe something is wrong with this bench besides just being funny looking. Of course anyone may help themselves to a copy of the bench if they want.

I had some items auto-returned to me and they were likely something I lost in the sandbox.

If I made another project, it might be a dog house.