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My room in the attic. There’s a communal bath tub behind the screen.

Most of the second floor is a common area for dining and sitting.

I’m shuffling things around to find time to join a Medieval role play. It isn’t an historically accurate Medieval roleplay; it’s just that we wear closer to Medieval looking clothing and the furnishings and weapons are way more Medieval than not. My female character is not illiterate and I’ll explain that by saying she fled a convent. Yes she traveled alone to another city, a city that has at least one dragon.

I love the sim build and have quite a few photos of it I haven’t shown here yet. It uses the LaRPs HUD and meter which I like and the sim owners are very kind, reliable and patient so far. I don’t want to get disappointed again so I’m not renting yet.

This will be my home when I begin. One of my buddies will be my cousin and he’s a Watch member; it’s his place. His office is on the first floor. I got to furnish most of the building, needing to keep it all under 150 prims. I find decorating very relaxing and it diminishes my real world compulsive shopping to nest my own home. (I have an interest in quirky art and antiques.)

I have several kinds of foods I can place on the table. There’s a pie on it now. I also have a bowl of apples, a jar of mead and some glasses and a plate of fresh baked bread.

While I was doing the shopping and placing of furnishings on Saturday, the sim builder brought in some foggy weather and it was very beautiful.